Following the foundations laid down by Development Matters and the EYFS framework, our curriculum follows the National Curriculum and is based on this intent:

At Castle Newnham we want our pupils to be enthusiastic, knowledgeable, ambitious and skilled readers with a love of books. We intend for them to continue to expand their vocabulary through wide reading and other experiences and be able to communicate accurately and fluently in a range of contexts and forms.

Our pupils should be highly numerate with a knowledge of mathematical pattern which helps them to understand and operate in the modern world.  They should be able to apply knowledge of maths to everyday as well as abstract concepts.

The physical and natural world should be of great interest and a source of wonder to our pupils through their study of the sciences. Their knowledge in these areas should equip them with the ability to question and to seek evidence for hypotheses.

We intend for all of our pupils to expand their cultural knowledge and horizons through the study of at least one other language and for the knowledge they gain of the grammar and words of another language to be supportive of good communication in that language and a better understanding of their native language.

Pupils should know the geography of their immediate area, of the United Kingdom, of Europe and the world with a good sense of place, distance and its representation.  They should know the relationship between mankind and the world and the impact of human behaviour upon the environment so that they can play their part in protecting it.

Pupils should be knowledgeable about national and international history so that they gain an understanding of the consequences and sequence of events and actions and thus a deeper understanding of the human condition and the things that can influence its future development for better or worse.

They should also understand the importance of playing an active part in citizenship and have extensive opportunities to practise this while still at school.

We value the arts and want our pupils to experience the rich culture which is accessed through knowledge and experience in art, drama, dance and music.  Pupils should have the opportunity to perform and to create in a wide range of artistic fields, making use of their developed skills in these areas.

We believe that physical and mental health is encouraged through regular and varied physical exercise and endeavour.  Healthy competition is encouraged through our PE curriculum along with the opportunity to develop knowledge of the human body and how to keep it fit and active for life.

Practical learning opportunities are valued as crucial to independent living, whether in designing and making attractive and useful everyday objects or in planning and preparing nutritious and tasty meals or growing a range of fruit and vegetables and being able to cook with them.

The use of technology is woven through our curriculum with opportunities to develop expertise in the most-used programmes as well as safe and sensible use to support learning, wellbeing and aspiration.  Effective and appropriate use of IT as a means of communication and as a tool for learning is developed throughout their education.

In the latter years of Secondary education (Year 9 onwards) pupils are introduced to a range of additional option choices. These are: Classical Civilization, German, Film Studies, Hospitality and Catering and PE as an academic subject.

Remote Education Provision

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