Primary specialist teaching

At Castle Newnham School we are very proud of our curriculum, and to further enhance it we are able to offer some specialist teaching. This enables the children to use equipment available in the Secondary departments as well as being taught by specialist teachers. This also ensures that there is continuity and progression throughout the curriculum and the children are ready for the demands of the KS3 curriculum and beyond.

Performing Arts

Performing Arts is an important part of our Primary Curriculum. Our specialist Performing Arts team teaches throughout the Federation from Years 1-11. To find out more information about Performing Arts, please visit the Performing Arts page.


In KS2 (Years 3-6), all children have French lessons taught by a specialist French teacher. The children are taught the basics of the language progressing on to being able to have conversations, writing in French and understanding grammatical structures. For further information about languages.


In Years 3-6, the children are taught PE by the PE department. For further information about PE in Primary, please visit the Physical Education page.

Design and Technology

In Years 5 & 6, the children receive specialist teaching of Design and Technology. The children will be able to use a range of materials and have the opportunity to get to grips with different machines, with lessons taking place in the school’s purpose built workshop. They will understand the importance of Designing, Making and Evaluating to a high standard as well as showing their creativity.


In Years 5 & 6, the children have weekly art lessons. They are taught a range of different skills and are able to use different mediums. Through the knowledge and skills they learn, they are able to experiment, invent and create their own pieces of work. You will see some of the different artwork displayed around the school.