Primary Library 

The primary libraries at Castle Newnham School (one on south site and one on north site) are both bright and attractive rooms, with a wide range of books aimed at all interests and abilities.

Pupils visit the library once a week on South Site and once a fortnight on North Site to change their books and spend time browsing the shelves and discussing the books with their friends.

The libraries also benefit from a dedicated librarian who supports and works with the primary pupils to foster a love of reading.


Secondary Library

The Secondary Library serves pupils in years 7 to 11 on the north site. Our collection is a great resource for pupils to explore to help build confidence, inspire curiosity and develop a sense of empathy. We are always adding new resources to provide equal access to learning, and offering suitable books for all reading ages, interests and abilities.

We use the Reading Cloud library management system to organise and manage resources. Pupils are able to log in via a web browser or the mobile app to access information about all the books and resources in our library. They are able to search and reserve items, write reviews, create reading lists and get recommendations for books and authors to try.

The physical library space does not accommodate pupils; it is currently a resource hub from which items are circulated to pupils during form time. All Key Stage three have fortnightly library lessons during English. In these sessions pupils have the opportunity to search for books, and engage in reading discussions, quizzes and activities that aim to encourage reading for pleasure.

The library also benefits from a permanent, dedicated librarian who supports and works with our secondary pupils to find the right reading materials. We want to help our pupils to develop a genuine passion for reading and open them up to the amazing benefits of reading for pleasure. Pupils are encouraged to visit the librarian during break or lunch times if they need help or have any questions.

Visit our Secondary Library website for further information and other useful links.


Volunteers Readers 

We are always looking for volunteers to listen to our pupils reading. If you are interested in supporting us with this important area, please contact the school office via [email protected]